Away from grey

The end of the term is fast approaching, and with it, an increased desire to smash out this painting to the best of my ability. My interest in this piece has been steadily maintained; though I do have times where I feel it moves slower than others.

The end of the term is a good motivator, though I do wonder if I’ll be able to maintain interest in painting outside of art school. I hope so, but am unsure how to build resilience in an environment that does not dictate it. Too much freedom definitely leads to procrastination on my part, which is a shame when something I enjoy dearly suffers as a result.

I really loved the muteness of the grisaille underpainting; but inevitably it had to go bit by bit the more paint I put on.

The result of more paint is that the trees have more solidity to them, and the sky and field are less murky. It’s developing a different feel to it, but all in all I’m enjoying the sense of space.

I hope to make the figure look less like a disgruntled burns victim this week – that really is one of the last things I’d like to hang on my wall.

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