Completed set of sketches

I finally finished my set of sketches. I aimed to do around one a week during the term, which turned out to be a pretty achievable goal in the end. Since we’re only allowed to paint from our sketches (and not from photos) for the final piece, I wanted to make sure I had as much information as possible going forward. It was also an opportunity to see how I wanted the paint to behave in the final piece.

My main detail sketches of interest are the figure, and birch trees. The birch trees were painted from life, presenting its own set of challenges – but I enjoyed the learning aspect of it.

The figure is a little elongated in this sketch – the result of me drawing up a little haphazardly. The top half of the figure was done in around 3 hours during class! It’s rewarding to see how my speed and confidence have increased.

The final set of sketches. The foliage study on the far right was a bit of an afterthought – I may or may not end up incorporating it in to the final piece. It is based off of a section of foliage from my original source photograph 🙂

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