Spend another session on it, then duplicate it!

So the last 2 weeks of studio time has been fantastic, and very much needed. I was really pissed off at my homework piece last week, due to the fact that hand sewn line is really poor at expressing things (or perhaps I’m just a bit shit at it), and it takes a freaking long amount of time to do a minuscule amount of line work. So when our teacher said “for homework, spend another 3 hours on this” I was elated. And also thinking how much I really did not want to do another 3 hours of hand stitching.

So, I whipped out the sewing machine, took the fabric off its support, and stitched down all the loose threads. From there, I had a canvas to create a more rigorous work on.

Then the following week, we were all given individual homework. Mine was to create a second version of the drawing. I chose to use the machine again, but this time I replaced the sewing needle with a sawn-off texta nib hot glued to the needle shaft, and used 100% cotton etching paper rather than fabric. I probably spent around 6h oh this piece all up, and could have easily gone for longer.

Well, that didn’t want to be upright. You’ll just have to tilt your head because ain’t nobody got time for image editing.

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